Rock2Recovery Half Marathon Journey

Hi everyone so in this blog its going to be about the amazing charity that ill be raising money for and the start of my half marathon training. Let me start by introducing myself to all of you. I’m Jade a 27 year old with big ambitions and dreams. I am a single mum to a 3 year old son who is my absolute world. I used to do physical training till I was 21 and I gave up as for 2 reasons. Firstly I gave up college due to mental health reasons and my course required me to do physical training (Public Services) a fair amount of the time. On the Public services course we had to do various training from basic fitness testing and the most intense training would be from the Royal Marines. The RM fitness was tough and they allowed the women to join in and I would manage till the end okay I struggled at times but I was at my peak then and always finished and the only female left at the end. Secondly I allowed my full time work to take over and I just gave up the positive rush and sometimes the thrill of a good workout. I became bored as the same fitness routine at the gym. By the age of 22 I never went to the gym again looking at it now I wish I kept training as I lost my peak fitness and trying to get back is tough. Last year I made the decision it was time to get back into the training routine and I came across an amazing training programme called Prime Evolution by Break-Point. Looked into the training company and I was instantly drawn. So I paid the joining fee and its been the best decision I have made. While I was training  I came across an event called Virtual Ultra 100 mile marathon, and I could do this at my own pace and you could run it on 4 or 8 weeks. So I signed up and gave myself 8 weeks to complete this as I was unsure.

1st August 2018 came and I started the day strong tackling just under 9 miles. I loved feeling of euphoria after the run/jog it was like the a new spark had reignited the fire which needed to be set alight. I found a new love for something I used to do. Everyday during August I would go for a jog sometimes taking my little one out in the pushchair even in the scorching heat. The miles soon added up, and within 23 days I had finished the challenge and clocking up 106 miles. That’s when I realised I can achieve one if my dreams and that would be able to eventually run the London marathon. I came across a half marathon which is very local and I signed up 29th September 2019 I will be running in the Windsor Half Marathon. I decided to do this as a fundraiser and I came across an amazing charity called Rock2Recovery.

Rock2Recovery is an amazing charity which is Co-Founded by 2 incredible and inspirational people who are Jason “foxy” fox and Jamie Sanderson. They both served in the Royal Marines. Both of them had a very good military careers, here is a little bit about Jamie. Jamie was a Royal Marine commando Sniper. He returned from tour in 2007 and he then broke down. his mind was in pieces after all the stress and war. After spending 6 moths in rehab, Jamie went on a royal marines promotion course and the pressure was intense. His memory went blank the general military work became a blur but he could have done it in his sleep previously. Jamie was then diagnosed with PTSD, he was medically discharged.

Jason who had spent 20 years in the Armed forces who was also a Royal Marine then later on going the Elite Special Forces SBS Branch. He was on tour and Jason became overwhelmed with emotions and stressed. Before long he was thinking of those he loved at home his daughter and mum but he could previously compartmentalise them and focus at the job at hand. Jason then was diagnosed with PTSD and Chronic Burnout. Jason didn’t take the diagnosis lightly as he was a non believer at first. With the right help he was able to over come the condition but it wasn’t an easy battle. He had to endure and overcome the thoughts of suicide from jumping off a cliff to hanging himself.

Jason and Jamie both had their own personal battle with PTSD and they both decided to create a mutual support network. The both of them was there for each other when they needed the assistance. Before long they was able to establish clinics under Rock2Recovery. As the charity grew they was able to get scientists from Oxford University to discuss their theories on the brain and the recovery process. Before they knew it Rock2Recovery became established and its a well known charity which does incredible work for all those that need the help.


Rock2recoverys mission is to save and change the lives of those in our Armed Forces, our Veteran community and their families who are affected by stress. Our approach is to inspire, coach and motivate towards a more positive future. Personally I thought this is an incredible charity and especially to help the Armed Forces community. As I looked into the charity more it gave me the inspiration and I then got in touch with the people that deal with the fundraising and I am now a proud member of Team Fortitude (ill post my link at the bottom of the blog for anyone who would love to sponsor the event).

Half Marathon Training.

When I signed up for the half marathon I started training and ensuring I have the proper running trainers. with that in mind I set my goals and started smashing them, I was jogging every other day and using my break point workouts along side. Each time I was running I had sheer determination to build up the 13.1 miles I would need to run for the half marathon.

I would mix my distances up and I made it into a game if it was and I would make it a personal goal to beat the previous times and I did exactly that. so a 5 mile run used to take 1hr 30 (slow I know right) I then got it down to 59 mins. Not going to lie I felt on top of the world and just knocking over 30 mins off was a massive achievement and fuelled the determination even more. Every run was planned from which route I would take and best ways in increase the di and 5 miles then became 7 miles. My first run at 7 miles was tough but I loved the feeling after despite feeling the muscles burn. My first 7 miles had a reasonable time of 1hr 59mins, I have to take into consideration the terrain and the weather as I’m lucky to be close to National Trust Land. I was pushing my body to far and one run my knee gave in taking me down at the 3.5 mile mark. I wasn’t accepting that at all, so I got up laughed, stretched and carried on without any trouble. Maybe it was slip on the mud who knows. When I got back home I checked and I took 10 mins off the previous time. Happy with the progress I used the euphoria feeling to smash my 80min prime evolution assessment without thinking what happened to me on the run.

Days later I was intense pain and my knee swelled oopps…. emergency doctor appointment it was. The doctor took a look at my knee and said ” you’ve aggravated your knee and you have fluid on the knee”. Gutted didn’t even cover how I was feeling, walking out with a prescription for painkillers and a physio referral I was annoyed as I was banned from any form of training for 6 weeks. I know that was going to my head in and make me grumpy as I was at my happiest training and enjoying the outdoors. Days later I was rushed to hospital as my pain had increased significantly and swelling had increased, first thought that came into my head “crap I really have done some serious damage. Goodbye half marathon”.

I was given some extremely strong painkillers and I was on another planet I tell you now. I was physically hopping around on one leg laughing my head off. I was assessed and that was extremely painful and I got soft tissue damage along side fluid on the knee. I was told to rest and given extremely strong meds and crutches. I was relieved as I was informed that my half marathon was in sight but the painkillers was horrible. All they did was make me drowsy I couldn’t function properly, and when moving on crutched I felt drunk. I made a conscientious decision I needed to try and maintain my fitness despite the training ban that loomed over me. I did gentle stretches and the interesting Abvent that break point created.

Before long Christmas and new year had come and gone and the training ban was over, YES!!!! my first run 1st January 2019 and it felt amazing to back running again it felt like forever. The time was slow but I was happy to be back outside and enjoying what lies ahead. jogging has become my escape and a source of determination. I went on a jog yesterday and it was the toughest one yet. Being outdoors yesterday was like walking into a winter wonderland seeing the hard frost it reminded me of a classic winter scene. I managed 1.11 miles without any issue and then boom I lost motivation my mind didn’t want go anymore. I stopped breathed, recalibrated and delivered. I pushed my negativity out of the way and carried on. Okay I didn’t jog I did the last 5 miles in intervals so I jogged and quick paced walked. I felt disappointed as it didn’t go to plan, but being positive minded its was acceptable to have bad days as they allow the body to adapt and repair for the next session.

My journey has only just begun to be fair and I am pushing hard to be physically and mentally prepares for this epic journey of my half marathon. I’m signed up for a 2hour 30 mins+ interval but I am determined to be prepared and beat that time. I would really appreciate the support on this incredible journey. If anyone would lobe to donate please click on the link below and I know it will truly be grateful and appreciated not only by myself and the incredible work that Rock2Recovery do.


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