Break Point Prime Evolution

As a single mum I wanted to get fit and active again as i was previously. I used to train but I lost motivation and the spark that I once desired. After trying several training programmes I found them boring and not very motivational. Then advert for break-point appeared I had a look and was instantly drawn.

What is break-point??

Break Point is a 360° fitness training programme, which was designed by Ollie Ollerton (former elite special forces sbs branch) designed. The programme had been designed with such care and procision that it caters for everyone. Within the programme has 3 main elements

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Nutrition

For me that seemed a perfect idea!! It’s a 20-30 mins a day and all on your pc or phone. Various downloads to help you and explain each movement.

So I joined up the Break Point programme which is called Prime Evolution. Since joining I have never looked back. I remember signing up as though it was yesterday, my evolution has been incredible and I have learnt a huge amount.

My first ever BPPE ( break point prime evolution) workout was interesting as I hadn’t done anything like that in a long time. As I progressed within the workouts my body slowly adapted. Yes I was achy alot and very sore but it would make me more determined to achieve and reach various goals. I always like to say no pain no gain or pain is weakness leaving the body.

Living out of my comfort zone has been a true blessing. I have met some incredible along the way from the programme. I have pushed myself by doing a virtual ultra marathon 100 miles in August along side my BPPE training. With all my training I was able to smash it in just under half the time frame i originally signed up for which was 8 weeks. I push my limits and beat my various jogging times on the various distances.

The mind element has been a life saver and especially through tough times. At first I wondered how it would all fit into place and it just did.

I have never been so aware of nutritional benefits before. Eating cleaner and more healthy is now a choice I am proud to have changed.

The help you get from BPPE and the community they have created is second to none. Each member is like a member of your own family. They are so motivational and each one inspiring not only to be better people but inspire others. The team that are behind break point are always there to help you and are very true to what they have created.

Not only have they created this amazing fitness programme but they run epic courses as well which gives you an insight. I’m yet to attend one but I hear they are pretty awesome. Don’t take just my word for it there are so many incredible results.

I’m charge of my evolution.


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