Battle scars


Battle Scars is written by Jason “Foxy” Fox, who was formally in the UK’s Elite Special Forces SBS Branch. He had an impressive career in the Armed forces in which he started his career in the Royal Marines. We will know Foxy through the media as he did SAS Who Dares Wins and most recently Meet The Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcos. Jason is well known for charity work as well such as the Bourne and also Rock2Recovery (which he is an ambassador for). When Jason’s book was announced for release I made the decision to pre-order. So in this post I will be giving my own opinion regarding the book after i have took the time and read it 3 times to try and get a thorough understanding.

Battles Scars was by far the most emotional book that I have had the privilege to read. When I sat and read the first page, I felt physically drawn to the book. The book made such an impact on the first page I had to read more. As I read more of the book I could feel so many emotions being portrayed. I felt sorrow, anguish and worry, there was even a time that I felt as though my heart was going to break and leading to tears (not giving any spoilers i’m afraid). Reading and feeling such raw emotions made me wonder how hard it must be for someone to go through the anguish of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and I even was frightened to know what was going to happen next.

As i got further and further into the book it became apparent that the fight with the condition for Foxy wasn’t easy. I am truly delighted that he was able to share his story and hopefully this will encourage people to speak out. I’m not talking about just PTSD but with mental health in general, as the stigma around it needs to be erased.

The book for me was a true eye opener as I heard of the condition but never really understood it completely. I personally think for Foxy to be able to open up about the ordeal he went through was truly courageous and humbling. Hopefully now the world will have a clear understanding of the battle that someone has been through. For those that have not read the book I would recommend that you read the book as you wont be left disappointed. All I will say is be prepared for an emotional journey that Foxy has had to face. This book is truly inspirational on many levels and the more people are going to read or listen (available on audible) then awareness may hopefully erase the stigma for mental health.


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  1. An awesome blog, a woman who is really special , an intelligent and loving woman. A woman that is hardworking and a goal getter. I think this is something that I call love and passion. She is indeed the woman that every man would want and also love. Thank you Jade , xoxo from FOX!

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